Rooted in Christ,

we will reach people with HIS love










Go To Church - Be The Church


Thanks for checking us out online!

We hope the information about our church and ministries will help acquaint you with what we’re about. 


Getting connected at Redemption is about building relationships that get beneath the surface.

That kind of relationship won’t come by simply attending worship services.

To get beneath the surface, we need to live a "more than Sunday" lifestyle.


Following Jesus can be an exhilarating, life changing, awe-inspiring,

 free falling, repentant and yet redemptive experience.

We may not know what the Christ-following life entirely looks like,

 what it all practically means, or where it’s leading.

But we do know that Jesus is calling each of us to live wholeheartedly in

 “the Kingdom of God” and for us to experience life together.


We have lots of ways to help you do this. Take a look around. We're sure there's a place for you. . 

 a place for you to grow spiritually, a place for care and support with life's challenges,

 a place to use your passion, talents and gifts to help others and serve our community and our God,

 and a place to just have fun and connect with others.