As members of the

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LC-MS),

we subscribe to the three ecumenical creeds:

Apostles, Nicene and Athanasian, and the Christian faith as confessed in the

Book of Concord. This includes believing:


The one true God is the Triune God:

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


The Bible is the inspired Word of

God, his life-giving revelation to us of

the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Jesus is the Son of God and the son

of Mary, true God and true man, who

offered His life on the cross for our sins,

for us to have new life with Him.


God raised Him from death to life,

and He has promised to return and

to take us to the heavenly mansions

prepared for us.


In Holy Baptism God calls us His own

and gives us new birth through water

and the Spirit.


The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper

brings us into communion with the body

and blood of our Lord in the mystery of

His Grace.


Faith without works is dead faith. A

living Faith responds with works of love

and service, prompted by the indwelling

Spirit of God.