Our Church’s History...



Redemption Lutheran church has had an interesting history. It all began SEPTEMBER 1963 - The Lutheran Church of the Missouri Synod sent Reverend Carroll A. Nelson to start a mission church in this area.  This charter group chose the name “Redemption Lutheran Church.” The first worship service was held November 1963 in the Sterling Elementary School Gymnasium.  Plans were begun to build a house of worship on Dodge Park Road at the surveyed (not yet a reality) corner of 17 Mile Road. Pastor Nelson was called to be a “teacher of Greek” and left Redemption June 1964.  Through the remainder of the 1960’s until 1993 Pastor David A. Steuernagel, Pastor Donald E. Waldo, and Pastor Carl W. Schneider served the people of Redemption through building programs and much growth. Since 1993 Redemption has been led and cared for by two other pastors, Pastor John E. Mackowiak and Pastor Timothy A. Bickel. February 2009 – Pastor Bickel stepped down from his calling at Redemption. This ushers in a new time of re-evaluation and re-growth at Redemption. Redemption is currently served by Deacon Jerry Corbett, but the true shepherd- our Lord Jesus Christ is still providing their every need.


Redemption continues to work diligently at spreading the Word of God through the ministries here. 

 Each Pastor, leader, and individual member has been, and always will be, a vital part of this mission.